“As National Sales Manager to a corporate organization, I had some challenging work related and personal goals to achieve. Over a relative short series of coaching sessions, I was able to achieve all those goals. During the past 14 years I have had a few different coaches, but Leonie Viljoen has in my opinion delivered the best results. I can highly recommend her coaching services”. C. Muller, National Sales Manager.
“Before I started my coaching sessions with Leonie, I doubted myself and my abilities. As I started working through my coaching sessions I was surprised in what I am actually capable of doing. I would recommend the coaching sessions to anybody as you will only grow as a person”. M.C, Area Sales Manager.
"As a leader it is vital that I work from a solid platform, follow a proper structure and remain positive at all times and through all situation (being a weather maker for my sub-ordinates). Standing up and speaking in-front of others and doing presentations for prospective clients is a major part of my day-to-day operations. I found myself a bit lost in my work, being unstructured and almost focussing on solving issues through “damage control” only. Being unsure of myself and my ability to keep my team focussed through positive leadership, I approached Leonie Viljoen and enrolled in a 12 week coaching series where we addressed specific goals. Leonie listened carefully and attentively. She took the time to prepare sessions specially developed to address my needs and she allocated 12 weeks of undivided 1 hour sessions. With her ability to focus and attention to detail, Leonie opened new pathways in my brain. By the 4th session I overcame my fear for public speaking. By the 10th session I had already exceeded all my set goals and objectives. Not only did I grow to one of the top performers in my field, my personal life is also better balanced. I never had so much faith in my own abilities and I have the “guts” to take on any challenge". A Welgemoed, Area Sales Manager.