Employee Engagement

When employees bring their energy, passion, talents and ability to work it translates into better workplaces, higher productivity, a healthier workforce, better customer experience and higher company profits.

Employee engagement directly influences:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Employee Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Company Profitability

Companies may differ in terms of their engagement drivers, but it is generally accepted that one of the primary engagement drivers in workplaces is the relationship between the manager and the employees. Other typical employee engagement drivers may include leadership quality; the availability of training and development opportunities; career advancement opportunities; the opportunity to use inherent talents and ability; the opportunity to make a difference; the level of internal communication; rewards and recognition; relationship with co-workers and the company's social responsibility.

Companies can improve both their business results and employee wellness by simply improving employee engagement.

Services offered:

  • Climate Surveys
  • Drafting of Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Employee Engagement Workshops
  • Management Coaching

Together we can put the "human" back into our workplaces. 



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